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The Brainy Business | Understanding the Psychology of Why People Buy | Behavioral Economics

May 15, 2020

It is amazing to realize that we have been together now for 100 episodes and that by the time this comes out there will be more than 180,000 downloads in over 150 countries.

It is a significant understatement to say that the podcast has far exceeded my expectations for what it could be, and leading up to this milestone I have been reflecting a lot and trying to decide the best way to approach this important episode. I thought about doing 100 small tips and insights for 100 episodes (which would have been a very rapid-fire hour to be sure!)

But, in the end, I have decided to boil that into the one really big thing that has set me and The Brainy Business apart. Looking back on these 100 episodes and the success I’ve seen in the podcast (knowing there is always a lot of opportunity to be better and do more) but relative to the “average” podcast, this one does significantly better, and there are many things I have done intentionally and because they are my natural style to help support that. 

And, that is what I am going to try and articulate for you in this episode, with the hopes that it can bring some increased success for you as well – in whatever corner of the world you may be listening from. 

This episode includes a lot of stories from my life and experiences that come together over time to show what I think is at the root of the success of the show and the business. 


Show Notes:

  • [02:30] The US still has the most downloads by far, followed by the UK, Canada, Australia and India, which have been in the top for some time.
  • [03:03] California is the state with the most downloads.  
  • [05:49] I have always been pretty confident in my abilities and generally stubborn, which has culminated in me having big dreams and ambitions that I expect will work themselves out.  
  • [08:13] As legend goes, in 4th grade I walked to my teacher’s desk and politely explained that I was sure the assignment had been turned in and asked if I could go through the files to find it. She said yes, I went to the filing cabinet, found the missing assignment, got my grade changed to a 10 out of 10, and went on my merry way.
  • [08:55] I am a classically trained opera singer and have done a lot of national anthems over the years.  
  • [10:05] These stories from my childhood showcase some very important characteristics about me, my style, and my nature which have carried into my work and helped to make my business successful. 
  • [11:42] I am proud to wear my bossy pants every day and have been my whole life.  
  • [13:32] I believe it is important when you are marketing things to understand how everything works and the business comes together, from the warehouse to the sales floor. (With a story of my worst job ever!)
  • [14:52] At the root of all this is a common thread that has carried into The Brainy Business. I believe I will be successful, even if something doesn’t work out. Even when something goes wrong I just assume it isn’t the end and that it will all work out for me in time. (A lesson from the peak-end rule)
  • [15:51] Networking skills and genuine interest in people have also worked to my advantage in building my career.
  • [16:37] When it came time to start the podcast, having the confidence in myself to know I could do it when I had to go out on a limb was scary, but exciting, and I looked at the silver lining.
  • [18:18] This business is me. I own it and am confident in its potential just like I was as a 5 year old who wouldn’t misspell my name.
  • [18:44] Every email, Linkedin connection, Twitter conversation, in person meeting after speaking at an event or person I happen to be seated next to at a conference is an opportunity to learn and engage.
  • [20:01] I have dedicated time each week to have conversations with people who are looking to pursue careers or study behavioral economics or behavioral science to help them feel comfortable in the choices they make.
  • [20:36] The story about how taking the extra step when responding to an email led to a relationship that blossomed with the Human Behavior Lab at Texas A&M University.  
  • [23:24] Some people suggest concepts or topics, and then I get to give them a shout out when I cover that topic and it keeps everything moving up in a virtuous cycle.  
  • [23:54] Most podcasts don’t make money. A lot of them cost businesses money in fact, but The Brainy Business has allowed me to have some amazing connections and clients and be profitable early on. 
  • [25:29] Genuine interest in people, and a willingness to give the gift of time to have conversations that may never be more than just a few moments of interaction, but could turn into something amazing.
  • [26:32] Whatever your vision is for the future, whatever you see for yourself, what you think the top of the mountain is, the place where you think you will say that you “made it,” that thing out there that you think is a big deal - you aren’t thinking big enough.
  • [28:57] THE ULTIMATE LESSON: Be open to the possibilities of tomorrow, be generous and kind with your time and confident in your abilities. And, of course, be thoughtful in all you do. You are bigger than you can possibly imagine and you will do great things, I’m here to cheer you on, and if you haven’t reached out and connected yet, please do. 

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