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Jun 10, 2022

Today I am very excited to introduce you to Anant Sood, one of the co-founders of the nudge coach Worxogo. What the heck is a nudge coach you ask? It is, by my own definition, an awesome amalgamation of behavioral science and AI to help people be better managers, improve employee performance, and so much more. 

Anant is going to share a lot more about it in the conversation, but just know that when I heard about this I absolutely had to profile it in my new book, What Your Employees Need and Can't Tell You, which is currently on presale to come out October 11, 2022, and to follow that up with this episode. You are going to love this, trust me!

Show Notes:

  • [00:41] Today I am very excited to introduce you to Anant Sood, one of the co-founders of the nudge coach Worxogo.
  • [03:54] Anant shares about himself and the really fascinating work he does. For the last 22 years he has largely worked in the area of transformation and organization.
  • [06:05] Before starting Worxogo, one common thing they heard from their customers was that the first 3-6 months after a change things were excellent, but after 6-9 months the change started to taper off. After a chance meeting with Baba Shiv they realized it was not a technology or process problem, but a behavioral problem. 
  • [07:37] Customers wanted to change, but the change didn’t stick and it would just go back to the way it was.  
  • [08:28] Melina’s new book, What Your Employees Need and Can't Tell You, is currently on presale to come out October 11, 2022. (Hooray!) 
  • [10:37] Worxogo uses AI to customize to each individual in a unique way. 
  • [11:35] There are reasons why we don’t follow through on things even when we have the intent and ability to improve. 
  • [14:04] Some people are motivated by competing against themselves and others are motivated by not letting the team down and others are more motivated by beating someone else on the team. Those are all proper ways to motivate people and if you don’t know how someone is going to react you can try one but it might not hit them right. What could be very difficult for a manager is quickly discovered by Worxogo.
  • [15:12] Who we perceive ourselves to be is not always what we exhibit as a behavior. 
  • [17:38] The engine assumes that nobody is motivated by the same thing every day. 
  • [20:13] The system allows each person to be themselves and figure out the right way to help you get, reach, achieve, and exceed your goals even if you work differently from others on your team. 
  • [22:17] As a manager, it gives you the situational advantage for every individual on your team. 
  • [25:53] If managers look at the lead indicators and the activities that their team is doing and you build the habit to talk to your team about those, it builds you as a manager as well. 
  • [27:40] Often organizations have a system, but it just isn’t being used and the nudge coach is very helpful to make sure the tools start getting used. 
  • [29:38] By nature, if you ask more you will get more. 
  • [30:53] Any team where you have a set process, you have some basic CRM in place, and you are looking to increase productivity a nudge coach will deliver the outcome for you. 
  • [31:34] Case studies and their newsletter can be found on their website. 
  • [32:09] Behavioral science can make an impact and this is the future of work. The ways of working are completely changing and the current tools are not enough. 
  • [34:23] Melina shares her closing thoughts. Do you want to hire Melina to do work with your company? Email
  • [34:40] A study Melina found in her research said that over 80 percent of people currently in management roles don't have the talent to be a great manager. It also said that 1 in 10 is a natural-born manager, two more can be taught, and the other seven out of 10 are not suited for the job, and using past methods can never be.
  • [37:27] Everyone deserves a great manager. Worxogo can help make that a reality.
  • [39:09] Thank you again to everyone who has subscribed, rated, and left those five-star reviews of the podcast. I appreciate you and please keep them coming.

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