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The Brainy Business | Understanding the Psychology of Why People Buy | Behavioral Economics

Nov 24, 2023

In this episode of The Brainy Business podcast, you'll dive into a fascinating discussion with host Melina Palmer about books that have the power to change the way you think. As an avid reader herself, Melina shares her personal experiences with impactful books and how they have shaped her understanding of the mind. She presents a diverse list of nine books that have had a profound impact on her thinking, covering topics such as combinatorial thinking, binary thinking, innovation inspired by nature, the influence of metaphors, and more. 

With each book recommendation, Melina provides key insights and takeaways, highlighting the importance of these books in improving our understanding of behavioral science, decision-making, and communication. Whether you're a book lover or someone looking to expand your thinking, this episode is packed with valuable recommendations that will inspire and transform your mindset. So grab your favorite reading spot, get ready to discover new perspectives, and let these books change the way you think.

In this episode, you will:

  • Enhance your thinking and broaden your perspective by exploring impactful books that have the power to change the way you think.
  • Unlock the power of combinatorial thinking and discover how asking great questions can lead to innovative ideas and fresh insights.
  • Expand your options and make better decisions by challenging binary thinking and embracing a both/and mindset that embraces paradoxes.
  • Draw inspiration from nature's ingenious problem-solving solutions and apply them to your own challenges for simple and effective problem-solving and innovation.
  • Understand the influential role of metaphors in communication and decision-making, and learn how to harness their power to effectively convey ideas and align them with business objectives.

Show Notes:

00:00:00 - Introduction,
Melina introduces the episode and shares her love for reading books. She discusses how books have influenced her thinking and announces that she will be sharing a list of books that have changed the way she thinks.

00:02:04 - The Power of Questions - A More Beautiful Question,
Melina discusses the book A More Beautiful Question by Warren Berger. She explains how the concept of combinatorial thinking and asking great questions can lead to innovation and a better understanding of how the mind works.

00:06:37 - Embracing Both And Thinking,
Melina introduces the book Both and Thinking by Wendy Smith and Marianne Lewis. She discusses how the book explores the idea of embracing paradoxes and avoiding binary thinking. This can lead to better decision-making and a broader perspective.

00:09:58 - Solving Problems with Nature - Evolutionary Ideas,
Melina talks about the book Evolutionary Ideas by Sam Tatum. She explains how the book demonstrates how nature can inspire creative and practical solutions to human problems. She shares examples from the book, including the bullet train inspired by a kingfisher.

00:15:23 - Introduction to Semiotics in Retail and Marketing,
Rachel Laws has written two books on semiotics: Using Semiotics in Retail and Using Semiotics in Marketing. These books provide real-world examples of how semiotics can be used to understand and leverage symbols and metaphors in business. The example of the Jam of Death Fruit spread company shows how the wrong symbols can make a store unappealing to customers.

00:18:02 - How Minds Change by David McRaney,
How Minds Change by David McRaney is a mind-blowing book that explores how people's minds can change in drastic ways. McRaney shares insights from experts and his own experiences to understand why some people change their minds while others remain stuck. The book offers fundamental insights into how the brain is wired and how we can change our own minds and influence others.

00:20:50 - The Similarities Between How Minds Change and Look,
Although How Minds Change and Look are 100% different books, they are inherently similar at their core. Both books offer fascinating insights into how our brains make sense of the world and how we can observe and reflect on our surroundings. Look provides examples for nonprofit fundraising and how observation can lead to solutions.

00:23:35 - The Power of US by Dominic Packer and Jay Van Beavel,
The Power of US explores how individuals shift through various identities throughout the day and how this impacts their actions and interactions.

00:30:31 - Finding Happiness in Small Moments,
Melina discusses the importance of finding time for oneself and engaging in activities that bring happiness. She highlights the book Happier Hour by Cassie Holmes, which provides tasks and insights to help create a happier life.

00:31:19 - Recap of Books on Changing Thinking,
A recap of the books mentioned in the episode, including A More Beautiful Question by Warren Berger, How to Think by Wendy Smith and Marianne Lewis, and Metaphors We Live By by George Lakoff and Mark Johnson. Melina emphasizes the value of these books in changing one's thinking.

00:32:39 - Conclusion,
Melina's top insights from the conversation. What stuck with you while listening to the episode? What are you going to try? Come share it with Melina on social media -- you'll find her as @thebrainybiz everywhere and as Melina Palmer on LinkedIn.

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