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Aug 28, 2020

Today I am so, so, so excited to announce something that has been in the works for many months. On Friday, August 21, 2020 it was officially announced that I am joining the team at the Texas A&M Human Behavior Lab as an Instructor for the brand new Certificate in Applied Behavioral Economics, which is enrolling now for the Fall.

The core faculty for the certificate program, Dr. Marco Palma, Jeff Pool and Will Leach, will be joining me today to talk about the certificate program in more detail including how it differs from any program we’ve seen before. 

And, don’t worry, nothing will be changing here at The Brainy Business except maybe being a bit more busy! You will still receive new shows and emails each Friday.  A lot of you have asked if this meant a move, but the entire program is intentionally virtual so I will be staying here in the Pacific Northwest--and wherever you are around the globe you can have access to a stellar program in applied behavioral economics from the largest academic human behavior lab in the world. 


Show Notes:

  • [00:52] I am joining the team at the Texas A&M Human Behavior Lab as an Instructor for the brand new Certificate in Applied Behavioral Economics. (yay!!)
  • [02:53] The program is awesome and any fan of this show would benefit from obtaining a Certificate in Applied Behavioral Economics. This program is for people in business looking for that edge.
  • [05:07] Introducing the core faculty: Will Leach is the author of Marketing to Mindstates and the CEO of the Mindstate Group. 
  • [05:59] Dr. Marco Palma is the director of the Human Behavior Lab. 
  • [07:26] Jeff Pool has a background in communications (working at the Pentagon before joining Dr. Palma’s team at the Human Behavior Lab). 
  • [08:57] One of the critical missions of Texas A&M University and the Human Behavior Lab is to put the knowledge and research out to the people to continue it and so that they can improve the health and wellbeing of people in the United States and around the world. 
  • [11:37] This program provides an understanding of behavioral economics from the basic core concept to the point that people can apply this knowledge and use it in their businesses on a daily basis. 
  • [12:22] The certificate program is an online program hosted by Texas A&M University that provides interaction with instructors and fellow students. In order to earn the certificate there are six classes including 3 core classes and 3 elective classes. It is a total of 18 credit hours. 
  • [13:51] Melina will be teaching Foundations of Behavioral Economics. Some of the classes will also include co-teaching with other members from the team (and guest lectures from amazing guests) utilizing their strengths and experiences. 
  • [15:17] The course is designed to stimulate ideas to help you with your business. The faculty will be available during online office hours to answer questions and help you apply your learnings. 
  • [17:05] Marco says a huge benefit to the program is having Melina and Will because of their experiences with their own businesses and their background in corporate America. 
  • [19:27] Another huge benefit of the program is being able to access the work and research of the lab and other colleagues before it is even published. 
  • [20:53] The team offers a rich pipeline of people they are able to reach out to get answers for students when they have them. 
  • [22:12] They wanted to provide enough rigorous information, but also make sure it is accessible and understandable. 
  • [24:11] The certificate program is a great option for people that are already established in careers, but really want that edge. 
  • [26:30] Just being curious about human behavior is all you need because they are going to provide the rest. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in. 
  • [28:22] They are building the program knowing that it is going to be responsive. 
  • [30:46] The program will be starting with two classes in Fall 2020. 
  • [33:01] If you happen to find a course you are excited about but not quite ready for the full certificate, you can test it out and just take a class you think sounds interesting. We wanted to make this accessible to everyone to get what they need; where, when, and how they need it.
  • [35:03] This is intended to evolve with our learners. We plan to add more electives that are specific for certain industries and disciplines. This program is for people like you looking to get that edge in business.
  • [35:46] The program is all online so wherever you are in the world you can have the same access as someone in College Station.
  • [37:12] I hope to see many of you in class this fall and beyond!

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