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The Brainy Business | Understanding the Psychology of Why People Buy | Behavioral Economics

Sep 19, 2019

The Brainy Business Pricing Course is now live. For a fun twist on today's episode, I am interviewed by my good friend and client: the amazing Nikki Rausch of Your Sales Maven. Nikki helps entrepreneurs learn to sell easily and authentically, and we all know that sales and pricing go hand in hand. I gave Nikki a walk through of the course, and she has been along for the ride while I’ve created it. 

We talk about the course, what it entails, why it was the perfect first topic to kick off the Brainy Courses, and the positive impact brain-friendly pricing can have on your business. Nikki is the perfect person to interview me about this, because she understands the questions a potential student would be interested in. Nikki is also the author of new book The Selling Staircase: Mastering the Art of Relationship Selling and an all-around awesome friend and client. 

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Show Notes:

  • [04:42] Nikki calls herself a super fan. She is excited about the course.
  • [06:48] I put pricing first, because it's the thing I get asked about the most. Price is such a huge factor and having the right price makes such an impact. 
  • [08:49] This course is about all of the stuff you need to think about when creating a pricing strategy. We don’t talk about specific prices until the very last module.
  • [09:58] There seems to be a huge gap in all of the ways to think about the numbers. The course helps to understand numbers in a more robust way and factor in things that matter (like time). 
  • [11:10] There is also a step by step walk through on how to raise prices. That discusses what to talk about now before raising your price (and how to change the language/plan for current and new customers).
  • [12:10] There also scripts for presenting the price depending on the platform. 
  • [13:50] I also review and explain specific framing examples using real-life ads and email subject lines from companies. 
  • [15:32] The Brainy Pricing Course has comprehensive worksheets to guide through all the steps and possible situations. 
  • [18:38] I structured the courses and workshops to be evergreen and updated when new relevant content comes out. Purchasers can revisit the course over and over. 
  • [21:35] The workshop component helps put a deadline in place to complete the work and it's an avenue to get questions answered and overcome hurdles that may come up.
  • [25:07] The workshop emulates a mastermind hot seat format. There is so much extra value from hearing other people's experiences.
  • [26:58] You can purchase the course and then add the workshop, but you will save $100 purchasing both at once. 
  • [28:55] Having the ability to set the right price and be confident about it is like the course paying for itself.
  • [31:41] The course has 10 modules. You can also get the mindset module for free (Master Your Mindset mini-course) to see what a full course might be like. 
  • [35:26] You can find all the courses in the Brainy Business Member Vault. You can also save by buying the bundle, and use the above discount codes for an even better value. 
  • [37:24] This course is an investment you make in yourself and in your business. If you follow the steps, I guarantee it will more than pay for itself.

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