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The Brainy Business | Understanding the Psychology of Why People Buy | Behavioral Economics

Jan 10, 2020

I don’t know about you…but I am having a hard time believing that it’s 2020 already. 2019 was such an amazing year with so many milestones for The Brainy Business. This episode will be digging into the top content from 2019. Links to all of the articles and episodes are below along with a link to the post with the full list. My subscribers will receive all of these links along with over 40 freebies I’ve given away (if you want to be on the list, download any freebie -- including the Master Your Mindset mini-course -- and you’ll be automatically added). 

I want to take a moment to thank you all for listening, subscribing, sharing, connecting on social media, and reaching out to let me know your wins and the behavioral economics concepts you have applied in your own businesses. These are some of my favorite messages to get – I truly love hearing from you. I’ve received messages from all over the world, including Poland, Romania, Spain, South Africa, India, Italy, Ireland, and more. 

Wherever you are, if you love the podcast and behavioral economics, please do reach out through your favorite social app to let me know who you are. I love connecting with each of you, and it really is me responding. I’ll kick off this show with sharing the top countries that have downloaded the podcast and then move on to the top shows and articles, and I might throw in a few surprises along the way. 


Show Notes:

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The Brainy Mindset Course Use the code BRAINY50OFF to take $50 off your registration and join us to tackle mindset!